Scheduling meetings is
now easier, faster and free

Booking, by Smooper, helps you schedule meetings for free without the extra effort of checking your availability or back-and-forth emails.

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Why choose Booking by Smooper?

We know the world did not need another appointment scheduling platform, but it needed one which was simple and easy. We have built a platform which just does what it says, and nothing else.

No Email Followups

Different time zones? Different availability? You still don't need extra emails.

Simple Sharing

Share your responsive, clean public link with everyone in a click.

Free forever

Our features do no hide behind pay walls. All of our current features are free, for life.

How it works

Look at our fuss-free, three-step, process to appointment scheduling


Step 1

Create your public link

Tell us a little information about yourself, select a username and create a public link which you can share with everyone.


Step 2

Set your availability and share

Once your account is ready, create a service and set your availability. Now, you're ready to share your public link over email, social media or your website.


Step 3

Get notified and regain control

Your peers select a time which suits them and you get email notifications when a booking is confirmed. Your dashboard gives you insight of your current schedule and you save time wasted with calendars, emails and notebooks!

Why you will love Booking by Smooper

We're not overloaded with useless features, but you'll definitely love these!


Calendar Integration

Integrate with your Google Calendar and make sure all your time slots are uniquely booked.


Simple Dashboard

Our simple Dashboard will give you complete insight of what's your schedule over the next few days.


Easy Rescheduling

Easily reschedule or cancel meetings directly from the dashboard.


Timezone smart

Even if your peers are in different timezones, we handle the confusion without involving you at all.



Get notifications on your email for every meeting booked or cancelled.


Flexible Availability

Configure your availability by adding breaks or buffer time between your meetings.

Free now, free forever!

The features you will use in Beta will always remain free, that is a 100% guarantee!

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