Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Smooper for?

Smooper is a platform for social media professionals and small business owners.

What does it do?

Social media professionals can help others and generate leads by registering as experts, creating services, setting their availability and giving 1 on 1 consultation. Other digital marketers and small business owners searching for help can book sessions for the service and ask their doubts from these experts.

How much does Smooper cost?

Smooper is in Beta and is currently absolutely free to use. Also, all services your are using in Beta will remain free in the future, forever. Though, to give consultations you will need to invest your time! :)

For Experts

How do I use Smooper and what for?

You can use smooper to schedule 1 on 1 consultation sessions with other digital marketers and small business owners. When you create a service, set your availability and search details you service become available to everyone else. People looking for help can book sessions with you through your service, this helps you in building a network of your own and soft-selling your services.

How do I give 1 on 1 consultations

You need to first register on the platform for an account. Once you have done that, you can head to and login. Go to Services > Create New Service > Enter all the required details and you are done!

Can I charge for consultation?

Sorry, as of now Smooper is a 100% free platform, free for you and free for others.

What is my benefit with all this?

We all know that hard-selling is dead. People are already tired of credit-card and loan emails to care about a cold mail or an advertisement. Smooper is a revolutionary way to generate leads through soft-selling. People come to you for help, which you give them for free but develop contacts and trust. The next time they have to outsource their work to someone, they will remember you and connect with you directly.

For Everyone

Why should I book a consultation?

Google can only give you generic solutions, if you are stuck somwhere and can't figure what to do, ask your questions from top notch experts and get quick specific answers.

How can I book a 1 on 1 consultation

Once you get access to the platform, you can search for available sessions and view the expert's profiles. Select an expert with experience for your problem, see if the service title matches your request and book a slot according to your availability.

Do I need to pay for a consultation?

Smooper is a 100% free platform, there is no payment required for anything right now.